I understand that mobile photography is of very high standards nowadays. People (including myself) have gigabytes of iPhone/GoPro pictures and videos. Many own top ranked cameras and good lenses. 


Why invite a professional photographer?


- As simple as it sounds but all the members of the family will appear at the pictures. Sometimes family archives contain series of images on which one parent is permanently missing :)

- You get a variety of photographs which are carefully selected and edited. You can have them printed / arranged in a slideshow or you can order a high quality photo album - ready for viewing. Because I know: nobody ever digs into their digital archives. Ok, maybe once a year while preparing a Christmas card for distant relatives.

- No, I don't erase wrinkles or make you look slimmer, I don't believe in Photoshop plastic surgery. But there are so many honest ways to show real beauty. My favourite one is showing sincere love. Well, flattering angles also help :)

- I carefully document your surroundings. It'll be exciting to look at the pictures in 2 years time to realise how many changes took place. Especially if you are an expat leaving back to the UK next year :)

- Yes, I love home photo shoots. They are the most intimate and relaxed. But if you prefer to stay outdoors, we'll definitely choose YOUR spot, the one you are attached to. And please don't tell me we are going to Golden bay at sunset :)


I don't take dressed up people to places with picturesque views and I don't ask anyone to pose for me :) I think this type of pictures tell nothing about your personal connections and things which make you happy. I prefer to photograph some real processes which happen in your life (that's why it's called lifestyle).


Think of a day when you don't have to rush anywhere. What would you do? Will you lazily spend a morning at home talking, laughing or playing with the kids? Or will you go to the sea and have fun with a paddle board? Meet with friends for a bbq? Take a walk in the remote corner of Ta Qali park? Cook a homemade pizza covering everyone in flour? I can join you for any part of your weekend and document it in a loving and caring way. And I know how to make mundane things look stunning. 


If you like my portfolio, contact me and we'll set up time for a coffee. Yes, it's very important to speak in person prior to an actual photo session. We will discuss all the details, decide which location and time of the day would suit you more, draft a plan and I'll give you some necessary tips. I would call it a rehearsal :) It will make you feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable on the day when I take the pictures.